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An engaging and dynamic game that immerses players in a devilishly fun adventure.

Game Placeholder

Game Goal

To provide players with a thrilling experience filled with captivating gameplay, unique characters, and exciting rewards.

Project Result

Devilicious has become a favorite among players for its creative theme, high replay value, and engaging features.

Customer Review

This game is absolutely fantastic! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay keeps me coming back for more. Highly recommended!

Game History

Devilicious was conceived as a collaboration between Wild Streak Gaming and Games Global, aiming to bring a fresh, engaging experience to the gaming community.

Game Legend

The game's legend centers around a mischievous deviless who challenges players to navigate her fiery realm, promising great rewards for those who succeed.

Long Description

Devilicious offers a unique blend of engaging gameplay, captivating visuals, and a memorable soundtrack. With a charismatic leading character and a host of exciting features, it provides players with an immersive and thrilling experience. The game includes various special symbols, free spins, and a random wilds feature, ensuring that each playthrough is unique and rewarding. Players are invited to explore a beautifully designed world, complete with a dynamic 5-reel, 3-row grid and 243 ways to win. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, Devilicious promises hours of fun and excitement.


Wild Streak Gaming




PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile


A fiery, inferno-like world hosted by a devilishly charming character.


Players navigate through a devilish realm, guided by a mischievous deviless, aiming to collect rewards and conquer various challenges.

Gameplay Mechanics

Intuitive controls with a focus on strategic placement of symbols and triggering special features.

Features and Modes

Single-player, Free Spins, Random Wilds, Respin Feature

Graphics and Art

High-quality visuals with a distinctive, slightly risqué art style featuring a devil-themed aesthetic.

Audio and Sound

A groovy funk soundtrack, complemented by immersive sound effects and occasional voiceovers.

Progression System

Players can progress by unlocking new levels, earning multipliers, and collecting special symbols.

Difficulty and Accessibility

Offers varying levels of difficulty to cater to both casual and hardcore gamers, with accessible features to enhance playability.

Target Audience

Fans of adventure and strategy games, as well as those who enjoy unique, thematic gaming experiences.

Unique Selling Points

Distinctive theme, charismatic leading character, engaging special features, and high replay value.

Release Date

Expected release date: Q4 2024

Reception and Reviews

Highly praised for its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and unique theme. Early reviews highlight its fun factor and replayability.


Offers in-game purchases for additional features and cosmetic upgrades.

System Requirements

Minimum: Windows 7, Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, DirectX 11; Recommended: Windows 10, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, DirectX 12

Future Updates

Planned future content includes new levels, additional characters, and seasonal events.